Vocabulary practice. Television and the Media Quiz. Test your knowledge of vocabulary related to television, radio and the media using this test. Choose the correct answer to go in the gaps.

1. Turn on the TV! There is a live of the cricket match between England and Australia.
2. "Those were today's headlines. And now it's Angela McCarthy with her weather ".
3. I can't stand that stupid comedy. Can you switch to another , please?
4. A is some kind of TV drama in parts based on inter-human relationships.
5. We're just getting some news, that a tidal wave has destroyed much of the city of Atlanta.
6. I like the new introducing and reviewing progammes on our local TV.
7. 'The Weakest Link' is a very popular based on general knowledge, broadcast daily on BBC television.
8. The time of day when most people are watching television is known as .
9. Many TV viewers were shocked when late-night presenter John Smith's face started puffing up horribly while .
10. "Welcome to another live TV debate. Our is as usual Simon Bainbridge, and his guests today are some of Poland's most prominent politicians".