How it works

Dear Students!

When you chose to learn with the aid of Pro Learning you will have to take the following steps:

  1. Fill in the placement test and decide which level to enter
  2. Register
  3. You will get an email to enforce your registration
  4. You will be assigned a tutor and his/her contact details
  5. You will have to pay the registration fee of 30 Euros per level. The fee of the specific Hungarian and Romanian package will be 10 Euros and will be available for students at B1 level. 
  6. You can start your studies.

Bank, Account number:

Banca Romaneasca

Pro Learning is a non-profit making study programme. Your registration fee covers teacher fees, web portal maintenance and updating, and programme promotion.

What Pro Learning offers to you for is:

a 3-language on-line package, where each level contains 10 or 12 units depending on the language. English and Hungarian levels are divided in 12 units while Romanian into 10. You will have to cover the units in sequence since there are progress tests, so please do not skip lessons! The exercises are created in a user friendly way so take your time and be patient. In case of difficulty to use the programme do announce the Programme Administrator at Types of exercises mainly include: matching, true or false, multiple choice, and cloze exercises. You will have to do reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, a reduced amount of grammar and speaking.

The Speaking part

Each unit contains a speaking part. It is usually the last exercise. You will have to answer questions and describe pictures or diagrams. You have to prove your oral skills during the skype session with your tutor. Also, at the level-end final exam you will have to do an oral exam as well covering the all speaking parts occurred during the level.

Skype sessions with the tutor

Each level contains a 6 skype sessions plus the exam. At registration you will be asked which period of the day you prefer a.m. or p.m. for the tutor to be easier to draft the schedule.


Tests are self-corrective; only exception is the final exam. You will not be able to access the written final exam only after you have signed in and undertaken the speaking part. The written final test will be marked by your tutor and you will be informed about your results.

The speaking part will count for 30% of the overall exam. The passing grade is 65%.

The following grading system will be introduced:

65-70 pass

71-79 good

80-89 good +

90-94 very good

95-100 excellent

The time

The time you should cover the level is not limited. However, it is possible and advised to do it in 3 months. There will be 4 exam periods every year , and if you do not finish it in 3 months you will not be able to enter only the next exam session and you will have and idling time which should be avoided.

  1.  You will be provided with the skype and exam schedule in time. There will be 4 exam periods each year. You will be provided with your tutor’s availability ahead 3 months as far as speaking skype sessions are concerned.
  2.  You will need to generate a skype address.


Enjoy your studies with Pro Learning!