Read the article then decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).

All things, for all people, everywhere!
‘’Enter a different world ‘’, it says on the doormat , and this is what you do when you visit Harrods.
Harrods is probably the most famous department store in the UK. It’s over 150 years old and it has 330 departments spread on seven floors. On special days, about 300,000 customers come and spend their time and money in Harrods.
In the beginning, though, Harrods was just a small grocer’s shop. It was opened in 1849 and run by Charles Henry Harrod.
Now, more than 5,000 people from over fifty different countries work for the store. However, the staff are not just shop assistants. Harrods has its own hairdresser’, doctor’s , bank and 8 doormen, known as ‘’Green Men’’.
Harrods is the official supplier of certain goods to the Royal Family and they sell everything from clothes to caviar.
Whatever you want, you can buy it at Harrods!

1. Harrods is the biggest store in Paris.
2. In the beginning Harrods was a big bakery.
3. 330 people work at Harrods.
4. The store was opened in 1849.
5. Harrods is famous everywhere.
6. 5,000 people are shop assistants.