Description of the programme

Pro Learning: Providing Learning Opportunities for all proposes to flow along the lifelong learning process in the area of language learning.

Its first aim is to promote language learning in the Hungarian and Romanian cross-border region.

However, the access is free to anyone around the world.

Since it is on-line, it can provide learning opportunities for all. You can access it from your sofa in a cozy room.

Advantages of Pro Learning:

-free placement test

-you can learn anytime you wish

-you can access it from anywhere where there is Internet connection

-easy and clear exercises

-4 exam periods a year

-unlimited time to cover the level

-a tutor assigned for counseling and oral exams

-vocabulary based material

-free testing

-free materials

-free information at

- a bilingual certificate in passing the level- end test accredited by Consult Scolari Association (RO) and Nyiregyhazi Foiskola (HU)

--a registration fee of 30 Euros/level

Pro Learning offers a wide knowledge considering the levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages in:

General English: A1+= elementary




                              C1= advanced

Specific English requires a minimum of B1-intermediate- knowledge and covers the following specific areas in 10 units: The Auto Industry, Business English, Law and Insurance, and Tourism.

General Romanian: A1, A2, B1 levels

Specific Romanian covers the following specific areas and offers a basic insight into the following

Areas: The Auto Industry, Hotel, Tourism, Commerce, Law, and Health.

General Hungarian: A1, A2, B1 levels

Specific Hungarian covers the following specific areas and offers a basic insight into the following

Areas: Hotel, Economy, Law, the Auto Industry, Health, and the Catering Industry.


You will have to pass the level you assigned for in order to move to the next level.


Enjoy your studies with Pro Learning!