The Potential of Pro Learning

You are as many people as the languages you speak.

If you speak one language nobody will understand you only your co-natives.

If you live in Romania and you do not speak the country’s language you are an outcast. To demonstrate it with figures: you cannot talk to approximately 23 million people.

If you are Romanian and do not speak Hungarian but you indulge yourself in shopping and spa weekends in Hungary, you will be an outcast again. You exclude the possibility of conversation with roughly 13 million people.

If you already feel comfortable in Hungarian and Romanian you can take up learning a widely recognized language, for instance English. Out of the blue, new vistas will open up: you enter a language zone which is shared by 443 million people. If you learn the Romanian language you add to the list other 23 million potential co-speakers. If you push your limits even further you can ad Hungarian to your pool of knowledge summing up to extra 13 million potential pen or chat friends.

And what if you are an entrepreneur and wish to set foot on the Hungarian or Romanian market or both of them? Pro Learning is a solution for you. What we offer is:

General Hungarian at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels

Specific Hungarian, one unit for each of the following topics: economy, the catering industry, hotel, health care, the auto industry, law

General Romanian at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels

Specific Romanian, one unit for each of the following topics: the auto industry, hotel, tourism, commerce, law and health care

General English at elementary+, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced.

Specific English with an array of units in the following areas: the auto industry, business, law and insurance, and tourism.

 Enjoy you studies with Pro Learning!

 Here is a breakdown of people speaking the most popular languages. Although not the most popular but still sweet to our lips, you will find included the Romanian and Hungarian languages.

English is spoken by 443 million people.

Spanish is spoken by 341 million people.

Russian is spoken by 293 million people.

Hindi is spoken by 442 million people.

Mandarin is spoken by 864 million people.

French is spoken by 121 million people.

German is spoken by 118 million people.

Japanese is spoken by 125 million people.

Arabic is spoken by 197 million people

Romanian is spoken by 21 million people

Hungarian is spoken by 13 million people