Use the words in capitals to form a word that completes the sentence. 10 points

a. He did not give his opinion, saying that he didn’t want to pass JUDGE .
b. There are no RESTRICT on the number of people each member can bring along.
c. The weather is very CHANGE in this part of the country; one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s suddenly snowing.
d. He has been EMPLOY for several months now, and he is beginning to lose heart.
e. If you need ADD informatian, please talk to the librarian.
f. The GOVERN gave a speech which made the delegates trust him again.
g. CIVIL in the office will be punished with a fine.
h. After being WRONG accused of theft, he sued the police for ₤ 50,000.
i. There was a REPEL smell coming from inside the old disused well.
j. The Sumatran tiger is officially recognized as an DANGER species.